San Diego Duration Coating Painting Services

Primus Painting: San Diego Duration Services

Duration by Sherwin-Williams
With Permalast technology. Exterior Latex Coating.


How Duration Coating goes beyond paint:

  • One-coat protection on repaints
  • Prevents peeling or blistering
  • Superior hiding
  • Two coats on new work, self-priming
  • Thicker, more flexible layer
  • Latest state-of-the-art technology
  • Unique one-coat warranty on repaints
  • Performs in temperatures as low as 35degrees F or 2degrees C

Performs on all Surfaces
Duration Exterior Coating is available in flat, satin or gloss. Use it on wood, stucco, masonry/cement composition panels, aluminum, vinyl and galvanized metal. It is formulated for siding, windows, gutters, trim and architectural plastics as used in shutters and gutters. Duration is available in a complete range of exterior colors.

Before and After photos of Duration Coating