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Primus Workx 
Superior in the area of paint, Exterior and Interior

The main steps to success is the astounding results Primus guarantees. This begins with constant communication each step of the way until completion. This is what we call customer service. Workmanship can only be superb through training.
Our staff of applicators are full-time journeyman level employees with a company foreman & superintendent on every job to give you, the homeowner, Primus workmanship.

Because we are painting contractors you are eliminating the General Contractor profit, (sometimes over 100%) and maintaining better quality by not being subject to sub-contractors and lack of control. We do not have high pressure sales or exaggerated commissions.

Primus guarantees results beyond your expectation or the job is not done. It’s that simple. Additionally we offer a five year labor warranty and a Tex-Cote lifetime material warranty. In short, you the homeowner gets the Primus guarantee

We believe in being honest in all our dealings. We demonstrate high ethical standards of behavior toward our customers and we make certain that our policies start at the top level and examples are set for all employees.

Primus Paint Workx specializes in painting San Diego, exterior painting, interrior painting, exterior coatings and custom painting. Ernie is a licensed painter, who provides wood replacement, stucco repair and specializes in Tex-Cote painting.